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Reset Bidder Badges and Assign New

Step 1:

Reset bidder badges by going to settings and clicking “ReSet Bidder Numbers:”

Step 2:

Assign your starting number, by searching for your first customer of the day (or a test customer) and set your starting number.

Simply search for the customer, then click view then edit and set the bidder number: Example set the number to 100.

Step 3:

Check customers in as normal.

WEB APP: add to home [video]

1.Adding the IOS Web App to your home screen #

  • Open Safari App on your phone
  • Navigate to your auction website, provided by Auction Simplified. Example
  • Log In to your site
  • Click on the share button
  • Scroll down until you see [add to Home Screen]
  • then click add
  • DONE, you will now have the app on your Home Screen.
  • Log in and you are ready to use the web app

2.How to add the web app to your Home Screen on Android #

  • Click on Chrome on your phone
  • Navigate over to your auction website provided by Auction Simplified.
  • Log in
  • Once logged in, click on the menu (three dots) at the upper right
  • then click add to home screen
  • Then Click add again.
  • Sometimes it asks if you are sure, just keep saying yes
  • then the icon will show up on your home screen.
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Auction Condition Report Guide

Auction Condition Report (CR) Guide

Auction Simplified recommends that you take your time creating a condition report. Walk around the car as if you are a potential buyer and highlight the issues with a critical eye.

If you take the photos of the car first, it helps you identify any physical issues so when you create the CR they are fresh in your mind.

You should definitely drive the vehicle, we recommend also backing up into it final parking spot so that you also test reverse.

Print Window Stickers VMS [video]

In this section we’re going to learn how to print window stickers for your vehicles running in Auction.

Single Printing:

  1. Search for the vehicle you want to print a sticker for
  2. Scroll down and look on the right-hand side for The take action section
  3. You’ll notice there are various sticker types there such as print sticker print 4 x 6 and print barcode
  4. Choose the sticker you wish to print
  5. Once it’s displayed on the screen click the print icon
Batch printing:
  1. To batch print simply go to your selling tab or inventory tab depending on the version you’re running
  2. Search for the criteria you were looking for such as vehicles running in a specific option
  3. Then click print stickers

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