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PURCHASE LIST: TV’s in the Lane

55" TV
50" TV
Fixed Mount
Flex Mount
2 way HDMI Splitter (Powered)
Powered HDMI Splitter (up to 4 tv's
Signal Expander with Cat-5
50" HDMI Cable
100' HDMI Cable

OR add PC to Back of Monitor.

Key Management at your Auction

One of the most frustrating things at auction is lost keys but worse yet is key theft. The following key lockers and trackers can really help.

Key Safe

Waterproof key drop

PURCHASE LIST: Computers and Tablets

Please note with LTE Tablets, you will need to add an internet plan with your carrier. (or consider visiting your carrier and buying directly from them)

IPad Air
Tough Case for Ipad
Samsung LTE Tablet
Shockproof Case for Tab A
Samsung A10 Phone LTE
Tough Case for A10
Portable Charger Fast Recharge

Laptops and All in one with Full Keyboard

Laptop with full keyboard
All in one

PURCHASE LIST: Paper Products for your Auction

Labels and Specialty Paper

Plain Printer Paper
Weather Proof Labels (harsh weather)
Card Stock for Dashcards
Dymo 4x6 Label 10 Pack
Brother 4/6 Labels
2 Part Perforated Paper (Block Ticket)
Collated 3 Part Color Paper

PURCHASE LIST: Printers For Your Auction

Label Printers:

USB Only but quite fast
Wireless and Wired
High End Commercial Grade
USB Wired only
Mid Grade Commercial
Standard Grade Workhorse
USB Only
USB and Wireless
With Copier USB and Wireless
Lan/Network Commercial Grade
Two Drawer (Check Printer)
Industrial Government Grade


Auction Simplified Simulcast can be run with very little equipment.

We recommend Windows 10 or Mac, not google Chromebooks. Only works with Chrome or Firefox Browsers, not MS Explorer or MS Edge

What You’ll Need  for the Video:

  • A USB webcam
  • A Camera Mount
  • Some cabling (Note: keep it under 20-30 feet to maintain signal strength)


  • Use either an XLR to 3/5mm Cable or 1/4″ to 3.5mm cable to connect into the microphone jack of the PC or Mac
Click to Enlarge

What if there is no Mic Jack on the PC? Purchase A USB audio converter (see below.)

Recommended Camera Choices:

Camera Mounts:

Wall or Block mount Option 1
Wall or Block mount Option 2
Pole mount option

USB and Audio Cables

USB extension cable for the camera.
Stereo 1/4 Inch jacks from Audio Amp
XLR connectors from Audio Amp to PC

Maybe Needed (if no sound card or mic jack)

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